House rules

To maintain a safe environment for all visitors a set of house rules has been established. Failure to comply may result in removal without refund.

We handle a strict 18+ policy, therefore we reserve the right to always ask for valid ID or proof of identification as proof of age.

We ask you to stay in the moment and put away your phone. There is no need to take pictures or film during a rave. We will put a sticker over the camera of your phone before entering the rave.

There will be professionals during the event to capture the rave in all her glory.

If you wish to use your phone please do so outside of the dance floor. In case of emergency please do not hesitate to use your phone and contact someone immediately.

We handle a dress code at Pact so that all ravers feel equal to each other. We would like to ask you to dress fully black, extravagant, fetish or anything in that direction. Please try to avoid wearing colored items and clothing from well-known brands.

We take your safety very seriously. A rave is a place to escape from reality and be who you want to be. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment, discrimination or violence in any form. If you find yourself in a situation where you do not feel safe, please do not hesitate to contact any staff member, security or fellow raver. You will be removed from the event immediately if you are participating in any of these acts.

We would like to ask you to respect the underground techno scene by placing as few as possible social media posts about this event. We love and appreciate your support, but want to keep Pact as underground as possible.

We do not support the use of drugs during a rave. If you do wish to take them please be aware of the risks they bring with them. Always use them in a safe manner and don’t bother your fellow ravers when using them.

All daily social norms and values apply.

For everyones safety, there is a visitation requirement. If you do not cooperate, your access will be denied.

All rules set-up by the venue will apply at all times. 

And please, check on each other.